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‘La Maison de l’Europe’ in the region of Burgundy-Franch-County is a public establishment, created by the regional government.

It runs two official EU information centers in Besançon and Dijon.





  • To inform the general public by spreading up-to-date information about the European Union (brochures, magazines, posters...) and by producing a newsletter.

  • To participate in  demonstrations involving the European Union (exhibitions, discussions, consultations, meetings) between twinning commitees.

  • To lend /distribute exhibitions about the history of the EU, the European parliament, European citizenship, multilingualism... and promotive decorations/equipment (flags, banners)

  • To shape and guide the public by hosting activities, conferences, European parliament presentations, workshops tailored to demand.

  • To organise visits to European establishments (Strasbourg, Brussels, Luxembourg) and European site visits (Robert Schuman Centre, the house of Jean Monnet)  for organised groups or the general public.

  • To advise the shareholders of projects and orientate them towards specialised organisations and associations. And give the first response to their questions about European funding.





‘La Maison de l’Europe’ is a member of :

  • The official EU information network (Europe direct) : Present in all member states, the role of this European Commission network is to spread information about Europe, such as the value of the work the union does in areas under its governance and to encourage debate at a local level .

  • The French federation for ‘Les Maisons de l’Europe’ (FFME) :  This acts in favour of European citizenship and coordiantes the actions undertaken by each regional office of ‘Les Maisons de l’Europe’ throughout France.




  ‘La Maison de l’Europe’ :

  • Cooperates with academics from Besançon and Dijon.

  • Holds an information point in the regional office of French-German Youth Office (OFAJ)

  • Establishes collabarations and partnerships with the university of Burgundy-Franch-County, the house of Rhénanie-Palatinat, the Sciences Po Paris European campus in Dijon, the Young peoples‘ information network (CRIJ), European associations...




The speakers of  ‘La Maison de l’Europe’ arrange a well-known and effective experience. Each year almost 15,000 people benefit from the educational training and conferences in the EU. The follow a global approach specific to the EU and a awareness of European citizenship through the use of education programmes.

For more information please contact us

Translation by Alice and Jenny from Huddersfield - traineeship / June 2019

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